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Xondra (she/they) is the musical moniker of Alexondra O’Connell, born to Cuban/Puerto Rican and Irish parents and raised on Long Island, New York. She had a love of songwriting from when she was very young, sitting next to the radio and jotting down lyrics she liked and putting them together to make her own songs. She wrote and performed songs at bars/venues all over New York when she was in high school until she went off to college to study contemporary songwriting. ​Xondra plays a mixed palette of Pop/Rock/R&B/Indie. They have played acoustic and full band shows in the NYC and tri-state area DIY scene since 2014.

The pop singer/songwriter started honing their skills in the heart of the SUNY Purchase Music Conservatory. They bring feminist themes to the front with a heartbreakingly honest delivery that will have you connecting to the universal experience of being a woman in a man’s world. Focusing on world building and overarching storylines, there are often small hidden connections between songs all throughout her work. 

Most recently, Xondra released a single titled, “Worth Its Weight”. The song was produced by Bridgette Carlson and mixed/mastered by Shubham Mondal. In a recent reel, Xondra highlights “Worth Its Weight” as a “sigh of relief, a round of applause for myself. A thank you letter to me for always picking myself back up and coming back stronger from any and every obstacle I’ve ever faced.” You can find the song on all major platforms. 

"Xondra's vocals are
distinct and her lyrics, hard hitting"

                                                             - Purchase Beat

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